Why COVID-19 in the United States doesn't stop with summer?

Why are the initial theories that COVID-19 could disappear in the summer failing? Princeton University researchers propose an interesting answer. Check it out below.

By  Pam Loureiro
  • Coronavirus is transmitted mainly through the air, like other viruses, for example, the flu.
  • Scientists thought that high temperatures could degrade certain layers of the infection and the ultraviolet rays could make it disappear, or last less than in winter.
  • As the country becomes the most infected in the entire world during summer, something is not adding.

P.h.D. Rachel Baker from Princeton University said that there is a factor that hasn't got to do with the weather: immunity. Most of us developed immunity against the normal viruses that have been around for years.

P.h.D. Rachel Baker

That is the main reason why it is so dangerous to get in touch with indigenous people that live secluded from civilization, because their immune system is totally different from ours. Something similar is happening with COVID-19. Because it's a new virus, people are now starting to develop defenses against it and in a couple of years, it could be like any normal flu.

Packed beaches in Miami

But for now, in places like Miami, Florida, where in summer temperatures reach up to 90°F, people tend to stay inside with air conditioner, where the air doesn't circulate and virus particles stay around longer in the same place, increasing the infection rate. For now, the most effective solution is to stay home with the same people and avoid social gatherings and to wear face masks at all times.

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