cupping therapy

What is the cupping massage therapy everyone talks about?

In the Yaay redaction we have a lot of discussion, disagreements and different opinions about the topics we write and produce videos about. Except massages. Everybody loves them. And we like to explore different techniques. The new trend everybody is talking about is the cupping therapy, and we tell you all about it. 

  • Cupping therapy is actually really ancient, but recently has become a trend between professional athletes
  • It's main objective is pain relief and blood flow 
  • With caps stimulating the cells, pressure builds in the muscle and helps to recover more efficiently. 
  • There are different cupping, dry, wet and with fire.
  • The session last normally one hour
Suctioning cups is easy and it doesn't hurt

What happens when you go to the therapist?
1. He will set the cups where you are hurt
2. Air pressure will make the cups suction your skin.
3. After a few minutes, the blood circulates and your skin will turn red.

Normally, a revitalizing massage will follow afterwards and you will be having some stretch marks in your skin. Want to take your chances? We tried percussion massage therapy, check it out!

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