A man cleans his eyes with milk after being pepper sprayed during violent protests

What is tear gas and why using milk is not the solution

You probably saw these days pictures of people with pouring milk in their faces during protests against the death of George Floyd all over the United States. A lot of readers asked us about this situation, and we decided to produce the following video about it. Check it out!

Policemen using pepper spray during protests. Source: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post/Getty Images

They both produce eye and skin burning sensation, temporary blindness and other minor discomforts that shouldn't last longer than 40 minutes. 

Professor Sven Jordt from Duke University in North Caroline, a tear gas expert, said that it milk won't help more than other products and Dr. Ian Wittman, From New York Langone Hospital says also that no study showed that milk or shampoo had a better effect than water.

In conclusion: if you are in a dangerous area where you could be exposed to these situations, try to use eye protection and to cover all your body with clothing. If you are close to tear gas, move away from the gas cloud and wash your body with just water and soap. Also, put all of your clothing in the laundry machine and wash them thoroughly. 

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