Hypervolt percussion massage device

We tried a percussion therapy massage device and this is the result

Have you heard from the Theragun or Hypervolt? Or those electric hammer-lookalike devices that physiotherapists and sports athletes use? Our Yaay reporter Bruno Wahrmann was suffering from tendinitis from playing tennis and bought a massage device to help him with his injury. Check out this post to see what he wrote. 

  • Percussion massage devices stimulate deep tissue in order to relieve soreness from the muscles and to help circulate blood. Basically, it's like a masseur giving massages but really intense and quick.

I play tennis, a really healthy sport. A lot. I have the typical tennis-elbow injury (medical term is tendinitis), which in really basic words is a muscle inflammation. After you play, your forearm is bigger and really stiff. This usually happens in other sports like golf, polo, football and soccer as well.

Yaay reporter Bruno Wahrmann playing tennis

While being on a tennis tournament, one physiotherapist gave me massages in my arm and used the Hypervolt percussion massage device on me. Afterwards, my forearm was as soft as the SpongeBob SquarePants could be in real life. My arm felt almost felt like my acupuncture sessions that I took while competing internationally (they were really painful and expensive). 

Afterwards, I thought to myself I could buy one, and I did. After every training session I used it, and it worked. It has different attachments depending on the muscle you want to use.

Hypervolt percussion massage device

Should you buy it? Well, depends on the person who is going to use it. I would suggest it only to people that aren't too skinny or fragile because it has a lot of power even in the slower level and it can hurt. If you do a lot of sport, suffer from muscle contractures and you love massages, then it's for you. 

Again, this is not a product review or a promotion for the brand, I just wanted to tell our readers about my experience with this device which I was hesitating to buy because of its expensive price (almost 400 dollars). There are also cheaper options, but review them carefully because some of them are super noisy (I've tried several other brands) or the battery doesn't last long.

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