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4 A-List celebrities who are over 50 and look fabulous

It's not all beauty products some celebrities in their 50s are looking absolutely fabulous because of what they eat. There is a reason for the expression "We are what we eat" Take a look at our top 4 list of celebrities who never age.

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Researchers have proven that when we eat foods high in antioxidants and healthy fats it shows in our skin.
  • No need for extreme diets or expensive face serums, just focus on nutrient packed foods.
  • Basically our skin needs hydration, vitamins and minerals to stay wrinkle free and glowing.

1. Elizabeth Hurley. The actress, who is 55-years-old has her own swimwear line and looks amazing in it!

Elizabeth Hurley show's off her swimwear line

2. Brad Pitt who played Tristan in Legends of the Fall alongside Anthony Hopkins is 57! Can you believe that?

Brad Pitt in "Legends of the Fall"

3. Halle Berry recently turned 54, and she's looking better than ever!

4. Nicole Kidman. The Award-winning Australian-American actress is 53 and hasn't aged a bit since the 2004 film  The Stepford Wives.

As we age we experience a lack of vitamins and minerals. Fortunately we can find them in our food. Take a look at the video for our top 7 anti-aging foods!

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