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This is the ultimate guide for working from home

After COVID-19 and quarantine, are we really going back to the office? Most companies are being more flexible about working from home, but not everyone feels comfortable with it. In this animated video you will learn how to work remotely in an efficient way.

  • Many people wonder if offices are really a necessary still. As you may have noticed, many meetings can be supplanted by mail chains and many office trips can be replaced by video calls on Zoom, WhatsApp and Google Meet.
Video-call work meeting

1. Pretend you are going to your firm’s headquarters. What does this mean? Set an alarm, dress properly and be video-call ready.
2. Manage schedules. Enjoy and appreciate that you don't loose any time driving, taking the bus or the train. Having the bed so close to your office can be tempting, but try to start early and have a normal lunch break like you used to.
3. Have a separate room/space for work. You don't want to be in the same place you just slept 5 minutes ago. A good chair and a desk works good. But let it be THAT space you use for working.
4. Be productive when you're motivated. Some people work better in the morning, some at night. Try to learn what kind of person are you and exploit that into doing the most difficult tasks.
5. Have some breaks. Enjoy being able to go for a run on midday or giving you a nice bath in the middle of the day. Do it with schedule. Those breaks are boosting your efficiency, energy and well-being!

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