woman traveling with face mask woman traveling with face mask

This is the ultimate guide for flying after coronavirus

As COVID-19 infections are starting to decrease, a new air travel era is coming. Airport restrictions, healthy measures, here in this video there is exactly what you need to know and how to be prepared for this experience.

1. Before your trip, you are going to sign a waiver claiming that you feel healthy and don't have high temperature.
2. Once at the airport, they will not give you more printed tickets, it will be all digital and remote to avoid spreading bacteria.
3. Airport crew will take your temperature with body scanners and store that data for future research.
4. It will be mandatory to travel all the time with the mask on, both for passengers and crew.
5. The door of the aircraft toilets will be opened remotely by voice command.
6. There will be empty seats in the row for social distancing

Bruno Wahrmann Lockhart

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