The device is called AirShield and it's a 3D printed component that will protect passengers from coronavirus

This is the new anti-coronavirus protection for airplane passengers

Seattle based technology company Teague presented this prototype to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections during flights. Check this article to see how it works.  

  • The device is called AirShield and it's a 3D printed component.
  • The gadget adjusts to the air vents that already exist in the aircraft and improves the airflow.
 The device is called AirShield and it's a 3D printed component Source:

As you all know, travel industry hit the lowest level in several years after the pandemic arrived and flights were canceled. Slowly some airlines are starting to open up new connections again, but with restrictions and seeing if it's worth it economically. People hesitating and are willing to drive several hours by car or train rather than set foot on an airplane.

How does it work?
This device improves the airflow of the aircraft, one of the main sources of germ spreading. Basically it creates an invisible shield. The company came up with the idea after seeing how stores use warm air during winter in their entrance. 

This is how the invisible shield would look like Source:

What happens when someone sneezes? The particles are contained and redirected to the filter units of the airplanes without touching other passengers.

Mr. Harcup, a Teague Director, told CNN that the airplane is one of the safest places to be because it counts with H.E.P.A filters that work as an air purifier. 

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