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This is how you should sit during home office hours

Working with a good posture can change your mood, energy and efficiency at work. Also, doing it incorrectly can have severe consequences on your health. We made a 30-second animation video for you to learn a home-made posture corrector.

  • Almost every job in the world requires a certain amount of sitting in front of the computer

  • The way you do it changes your mood and your efficiency at work


  • Take some breaks for doing cardio workouts, specially during midday so you have an energy boost to keep working after eating.

There are 5 important steps to it: 

1. How to sit: 90-degree angle rule: for your feet, legs, back and arms. Everything is tight and firm, this will help you keep your posture.

This is definetely a DON´T

2. How to support your body: stretch open your upper body and back so you can get full contact with the chair. Your arms can't be hanging in the air, they need to be completely supported.
3. How to set your screen: directly in front of your eyes. Otherwise, you can have neck and vision problems.

The height of the screen monitor is vital for your performance

4. How to stretch: this is the effective way to stay healthy. Stretch your back, your arms and legs in 3 series of 20 seconds per muscle every 3 hours.
5. How to endure long hours: Take a break to do a cardio workout. Go swimming, running or bicycling. With 30 min session and a cold shower afterwards you should be as good as new!

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