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The healthy active release therapy explained

There are a number of recovery techniques theories concerning sports. From ice baths to stretching, we investigated this therapy from chiropractor Dr. P. Michael Leahy that works amazingly. Check this post to see if it's right for you!

  • The American Massage Association recommends massaging to minimize fatigue, boosting the immune system and muscle recovery
  • The active release therapy started as a treatment of elite athletes only to perform at the highest levels really quickly.
  • Slowly it transformed into a technique for every person who does any sports frequently and want to be 100% fit and ready every time. 
  • It aims to the soft tissue recovery like tendons, ligaments and fascia. 

How is it done? With this technique, the chiropractor removes the scar tissue built in the overused muscles.  

Active Release Therapy focuses in stretching

Why? While manipulating the body, it repairs the motion range of the muscle used for the specific muscle like knees for running, arms for tennis and so on. 

ART can also be used for people who don't play sports but use their body regularly in a similar activity like working with the mouse of the computer, in a deposit carrying furniture or using the wok while cooking.  

Working with the computer could be also a source of pain

After identifying the scar tissue, you will be releasing tension within the tissue and stretching that muscle for short periods of time. A whole session lasts almost an hour and you shouldn't do it more than 4 times per month.

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