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Study shows black raspberries may help reduce skin inflammation

The study conducted by Steve Oghumu, assistant professor of pathology at The Ohio State University discovered that a diet high in black raspberries can help reduce inflammation from contact hypersensitivity.

By  Bruno Wahrmann
  • Contact hypersensitivity is a condition that can cause redness and inflammation of the skin.
  • This study revealed that the consumption of the fruit could have the same effects as applying a topical lotion.
  •  In mice who were fed black raspberries the swelling went down considerably.
Black raspberries can reduce inflammation related to contact hypersensitivity

The experiment was done on mice. Researchers put 2 groups of mice under the same diet but added black raspberries to one of the groups. After 3 weeks mice from each group were exposed to irritants that caused contact hypersensitivity. They found that in mice who were fed black raspberries the swelling went down considerably. Researchers concluded that the fruit can regulate dendritic cells. In other words, they can tell our immune system whether or not it should kick in to stop inflammation from happening.  "A lot of the bad effects that we see are not always due to the pathogens or allergens themselves, but to the way our body responds to these triggers."
While further research is definitely needed, black raspberries show promising results in reducing inflammation associated with some types of cancer.

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