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Study confirms sleeping with a partner is good for your health

Sharing the bed with your partner improves the resting stage of your sleep, known as the rapid eye movement sleep. Have you ever wondered why specialist's make enphasis on getting a good night sleep? REM state is the most important stage of sleep. It's when your body regulates emotions and solves problems. This is why sleep is such an important factor in people's well-being.

By  Bruno Wahrmann
  • Studies show that couples have longer and more undisturbed REM periods of sleep. Couples also end up synchronizing their sleep cycles. The stronger the relationship the more they synchronize.
  • There are four dream cycles you go through in order to restore your body. Check out the video to see how they work.

The study analized 12 couples during their sleep. They studied their heart activity, muscle tension, movements, brain waves and respiration. 

sleeping with a partner gives your immune system a boost and improves mental health 

The first stage of sleep is light. In the second stage you start to disengage from your surroundings and it's where you spend the most time of sleep. The third and fourth stage are the deepest ones. It's when REM occurs. Usually REM state happens in average 90 minutes after you enter the deep sleep mode and it's when your body actually restores itself. It's busy storing memories and regulating mood. This is when you dream! In the stage of deep sleep your muscles are repaires, your immune system is restores and your brain generates new neurons.

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