Japanese Black Light experiment reveals serious virus spread

TV channel NHK conducted an experiment that shows how easily can a virus spread in restaurants. After watching this, you will be thinking twice in going out for a meal. Check it out! 

  • The fluorescent paint is the "virus", representing coronavirus in this case. 
  • In a couple of minutes, the virus spread to all 10 people eating at the restaurant. 
  • The whole experiment lasted 30 minutes and it was more than enough to prove the point: stay at home!

Celebrities Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from the TV show "MythBusters" tried a couple of years ago a similar experiment. Now, with several U.S. states with alarming infection rates like Florida and Texas, authorities are starting to close shops and restaurants again.

Fluorescent paint is the "virus" and it is easily transmitted

In the video you can see how easily a virus is transmitted through different surfaces like the handle of the drinks and the plates. The experiment recalls also the importance of washing the hands after touching every surface and specially before eating. 

Check out this video to see the importance of hand-washing:

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