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How to reduce hunger in 5 steps according to science

It's scientifically proven that there are ways to help with your appetite. Particularly, 5 steps that we show you below. With this video you are going to lose weight naturally and easily!

1. Drink coffee, preferably decaf. It has been proven that it keeps you full up to 3 hours.
2. Enjoy a piece of dark chocolate. It decreases cravings.
3. Exercise. It not only helps you lose weight but it's also been proven to reduce appetite.
4. Snack on protein. Choose snacks high in protein. A study shows that protein snacks in the afternoon help you eat 100 fewer calories at night.
5. Visualize what you crave. An experiment showed that people who visualized their cravings ate 60% less. Apparently it tricks your mind into believing you've already eaten. Can you believe it?

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