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How to have stronger and healthier teeth in a simple way

Healthy teeth mean everything, even avoiding neck pain and headache. From cutting sugar to a proper hydration, these simple steps can make a difference. This video is for everyone that wants to forget about going to the dentist again and was asking how to remineralize teeth naturally. 

  • Minerals like calcium help protect teeth and prevent cavities. As you age and you gain wisdom, you lose minerals. There are a number of ways how to keep smiling like you always do!
  • Heart conditions or certain antibiotics can affect your health and the condition of your teeth. 
  • Bruxism or teeth grinding is another source of broken teeth. It is fixed by relieving the stress of everyday life and with special oral appliances to sleep and not scrape the teeth.
Are you ready to smile?
1. Cut sugars. It's best to eat a lot of sugary foods one day than small amounts every day.
2. Avoid starches. Sugars in starch can ferment and erode your teeth.
3. Eat calcium rich foods like broccoli to replenish the calcium you lose over time
4. Stay hydrated. Saliva is essential in remineralization. It contains calcium.
5. Brush your teeth to prevent bacteria.

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