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Greece: World’s 1st Plastic-Free Paradise

In an effort for becoming a climate change example, the Mediterranean ancient nation has become the world’s first plastic free country. Impressive, taking into consideration they are still affected due to the global pandemic. Talk about being environmentally conscious! Read all about it here!

  • The island is banning plastic straws, plastic grocery bags and single use cups
  • In schools, they are giving school kids reusable water bottles and turning unwanted second hand fabric into shopping bags.
  • Common Seas nonprofit organization chose the island of Paros as the first case study for the non-plastic model. 

These are difficult and challenging times, the global pandemic, the economic crisis and racial protesting.

Yaay Today wanted to shine some light to recent good news that is happening also! Greece has become the first country what has been able to completely get rid of plastic usage. With the help of innovation they have achieved this environmental accomplishment in the time span of 3 years.

  As of now at least 50% of businesses in Greece are fully committed to cut out single use plastic for good.

The small island off the coast of Greece, Paros, was chosen by the nonprofit organization Common Seas as the best example. The dimensions and low population make it the perfect first case study that can be applied to larger cities worldwide. Hopefully the world will see Greece as a beacon of hope and follow their footsteps to make the world a healthier and safer place.

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