Teddy bears used for social distancing

Funny and original social distancing restaurant measures

Thousands of people retweeted a post where it showed a French coffee place in Paris, the country’s capital, where teddy bears are used to enforce social distancing. People are already getting used to the new pandemic "normal" life and apparently, it involves weird and funny (or sad) measures for eating outside. Would you go there? Check them out! 

In America:

This looks like the most efficient way, right? Plus, you get some privacy. 

Wooden tables between people

In Chicago, a buffalo wings restaurant established nylons to separate consumers (which we have no idea how someone would pay to eat like that)

Social distancing with nylon bags


This one from Paris, France, made the headlines all around the world (people love teddy bears):

Teddy bears used for separation

In the Netherlands, they like to make things pretty:

Cabins in the Netherlands for social distancing

Apparently, people in Germany like hats:

In Burger King, they established a super sized crown while in  Cafe & Konditorei Rothe in Germany, near Hamburg, has established special "helmets" for practicing social distancing. 

Burger King crowns for social distancing
Cafe Rothe near Hamburg

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