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Check out the 3 most insane false cures for COVID-19

From the chlorine dioxide disinfectant promoted by US President Donald Trump to a Kenya’s governor suggesting cognac, these original and definitely not efficient or scientifically proven solutions will surprise you. Check them out!

  • After Trump declared the solution of the chlorine, there was a public outcry in the country.
  • He also suggested UV light to "irradiate the virus".
  • Several medical authorities stated publicly that it was a bad decision, like pulmonologist Dr. Vin Gupta that said "ingesting any cleaning product is dangerous and irresponsible".


1. Donald Trump. He argued that hitting the body with ultraviolet light could kill COVID-19. Also, suggested checking the possibility of "injecting or drinking" disinfectant. Why not? BBC Health Reporter Rachel Schraer says it's a great idea to use disinfectant on surfaces, but never inside your body. It can cause poisoning and even death.

3. Jair Bolsonaro. The president of Brazil, who has been controversial about the existence of the pandemic and the use of face masks, even contracted the virus himself. To show how healthy he is, took the mask off and drank chlorine as well.

He also suggested a solution used to fight lupus and malaria in the Amazon jungle as the "Brazilian successful fight against COVID-19". Why not? John Balmes, Doctor of the San Francisco General Hospital, warned that bleach can cause health problems and similar to what happened with the Tyde challenge, where teenagers drank the liquid used to clean dishes.

3. Mike Sonko. The Kenyan politician, serving as the Governor of the capital Nairobi, suggested drinking cognac.

Governor Mike Sonko, accused of corruption and stealing from the public treasury.

He joined the list of East Europe countries that also promoted drinking vodka among "strong men" to fight the virus. Why not? Well, by this point you can figure it out that cognac might taste delicious after a nice meal, or in a fancy party, but not in a hospital as a health treatment.

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