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6 magic ways to boost your immune system

During these pandemic times it is super important to stay healthy. Our long hours sitting at home and not seeing anybody can affect our well-being. How to improve your body and mind, in the following video.

By  Kelsey Miller
1. Achieve a significant amount of sleep. Sleeping is essential. It is the moment when the body is rebuilt and repaired. Take it seriously.
2. Stay hydrated. 2 large bottles of water and hot drinks like tea or coffee will help you fight bacteria.
3. Do sports regularly. At least 3 days a week try to do both weights and cardio. It will regulate your heart and make your blood flow.
4. Incorporate vitamins. There are many vitamins made from natural products and you can also incorporate foods that favor it like orange to vitamin C.
5. Healthy food, healthy mind. Focus on buying fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as unfrozen meats and fish, which maintain nutrients.
6. Reduce stress. In the way that you can, meditating, breathing or practicing yoga. Be happy and live a healthy life!

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