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5 unique habits to live a longer and healthier life

Are you stressed out? What is currently happening around the world with racism, police brutality and COVID-19 can make us anxious and nervous, but try to relax. There are many more years to come and you need to surf that wave smoothly and happily. Check out this video to see 5 tips you can do to enjoy your life to the fullest!

By  Kelsey Miller
1. Do sports regularly. At least 3 days a week try to do both weights and cardio. It will regulate your heart and make your blood flow.
2. Keep a healthy diet. Focus on buying fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as unfrozen meats and fish, which maintain nutrients. Healthy food, healthy mind
3. Meditate. In the way that you can, breathing or practicing yoga. It helps to encourage our mental health.
4. Achieve a significant amount of sleep. Sleeping is essential. It is the moment when the body is rebuilt and repaired. Take it seriously.
5. Keep your eyes off the screen. Try not to check your phone every 10 minutes, this will help you calm your anxiety and reduce stress. Also, it helps for your vision.

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