5 unhealthy routine behaviors that you're probably doing

5 unhealthy routine behaviors that you're probably doing

Everybody has certain habits like biting nails, playing with hair or scratching their eyes too much. But some specific actions have more consequences in your health than others. In this video we will show you what we believe that are the 5 most common unhealthy habits that we practice in our daily lives, so that you learn NOT to do them. 

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  • These are some actions that you do in your daily life that might sound funny or weird, but we are sure that you are doing one of these 5. Try not to!
Follow our tips to stay forever young!

1. Using makeup 24/7. Makeup looks great, makes us young again, but you need to be sure to remove it before going to sleep. If you don't, your skin can't breathe because the pores are closed, and wrinkles will appear sooner than you thought.  

2. Sleeping always on the same side. Try to sleep on your back to avoid getting wrinkles. If you can't, make a mix between sleeping on the left and the right side because otherwise your face will have an utterly irregular aspect. 

2. Not drinking enough water in addition to affecting the functioning of the kidneys and the ability to digest, your skin can get dry and you will develop wrinkles sooner than you should. This affects also your body cells because they don't get enough nutrients to work properly. 

3. Wearing headphones too often. Like most things, in excess is dangerous. Try to use them maximum an hour per day. The sound you get from a headphone goes directly to your eardrum, it's not natural. Ears are made to listen from a certain distance and you can be losing hearing faster than others.  

4. Turning up the AC or heat 24/7. The temperature difference between inside and outside can make you sick, because every abrupt change has health consequences. Also, if the heat is too high you will have dry skin. According to West Midlands Public Health Observatory you shouldn't go over 75 degrees in your rooms. 

5.  Blood circulation. Sauna, cardio training, massages and temperature mix while showering are helping you circulate your blood. If not, you get the risk of having closed blood vessels that can eventually lead to a heart attack or other health problems.

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