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3 Hollywood celebrities that love to smoke marijuana

We all know that rapper Snoop Dogg is the biggest promoter for weed, but there are other celebrities that also smoke and talk about it publicly that will surprise you! Check it out! 

By  Bruno Wahrmann
  • The actors and singers rely on several scientific studies that agree on the medical benefits from the plant.
  • Rappers like Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and singer Miley Cyrus support the use.
  • Inside the acting world, actors Brad Pitt, Woody Harrelson and Seth Rogen speak openly about how they get creative after smoking.
Woody Harrelson smoking marijuana. Source: Esquire

A research team from Tel Aviv University  has been studying cannabis effects for a long time. Marijuana legalization is a big discussion topic in politics around the world. Scientists in Israel found out that marijuana has many medicinal properties and uses apart from the cigar that we all know. The following video explains the foundations of the study. 

When the plant cannabis is harvested and dried, you get the weed. But in other forms like oil and creams you can also get incredible benefits:
1. Calms anxiety.
2. Helps the healing from bones. Rihanna is a lover of "good quality weed like kush rolled, glass full". 
3. Can prevent seizures.
4. Helps fighting certain types of cancer.
5. Weapon against depression, thanks to its endocannabinoids compounds.

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