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5 clear body signs that you need a rest

Life may not be easy and many times we do not realize what we are involved in until we give it up. Therefore, we share with you 5 tips to know when to stop and rest. Avoid stress, sleeping problems and headaches with the following video!

1. You are giving signs of anxiety. You want to eat more, you think that everyone is against you.
2. You have sleeping problems: you won't even get 7 hours straight without waking up.
3. Your motivation is lower than ever. You feel like a loser and your ego crushed.
4. You start crying. In a daily situation, a tear falls.
5. Nonsense makes you mad. The car doesn't start or having to wait in the drive-thru. If you feel any of this signs, take a break and rest. It may change your life.

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