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5 Health tips you should NOT follow

Nowadays we are bombarded with information on health and you can find anything on the internet, but not everything is reliable. You have to be careful and go only to official sources.

By  Bruno Wahrmann

In the video you'll find some of the things that come up when surfing the web that you should never follow!

  1. Shave your pubes. There is no health reason behind it. Hair is there to protect the genitals.
  2. If you want to lose weight, work out. We are not saying don't, but focus more on the diet than the exercise. It's way more effective.
  3. Don't drink coffee while being pregnant. Like everything, in excess is bad. So you can have a cup or two per day without problems.
  4. Gatorade is the cure for hangover. Electrolytes help only to rehydration from sports. It doesn't work with alcohol.
  5. To heal a wound, go into the sea. Not true, it doesn't help, and it could even make it worse. 

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