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3 Health problems cause by dehydration

Drinking water is essential for your health. The amount of water you should drink per day varies according to your size, the activities you have throughout the day and even your sweat rate. The best way to know if you are properly hydrated is through your urine. Clear urine means you are hydrated.

By  Bruno Wahrmann

Signs of dehydration can range between dry skin, headache, constipation and sleepiness. It can lead to many health problems. 

  1. Low blood pressure. The lack of water makes it hard for your body to deliver oxygen to the cells.
  2. Anemia. At first, it's mild and can easily go undiagnosed because your body finds a way to readjust. But in the long run it can get worse.
  3. Your heart, kidneys and digestive system can be affected due to dehydration.

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