Watch these Victoria Song's dramas Watch these Victoria Song's dramas

f(x)'s Victoria Song C-Dramas, she has a great acting career

Did you know that f(x) member Victoria Song is a great Chinese actress? Here we have some of her dramas

Apart from being a talented singer and dancer, f(x)'s Victoria Song is also a great actress who has appeared in a lot of Chinese dramas, here we recommend some of them.

Victoria Song is a great Chinese celebrity who was born on February 2, 1987 in Shandong, China. She was studying dance in college when she was casted by SM Entertainment, that's how she joined the said K-Pop agency and began her trainee period.

In 2009, Victoria debuted as part of the girl group f(x), since then she dedicated herself to singing and dancing together with the rest of her members who worked hard together and released a lot of songs and did many performances for their fans. Although since 2016 the group has been more focused on the individual projects of their idols.

But along with being an idol, Victoria was able to debut as an actress, she did it in 2012 in the Chinese-Taiwanese drama 'When Love Walked In', and since then her acting career has been growing exponentially. We can say that Victoria Song is one of the most beloved actresses in China.

And here we have for you some Victoria Song C-Dramas that you definitely have to see to enjoy the great talent of this actress who was also an idol and did it in the best way in both fields.

6 Victoria Song C-Dramas, watch this f(x) idol in Chinese television

1. Moonshine and Valentine

Year: 2018
Starring Victoria Song and Huang Jingyu

This is a Chinese fantasy drama in which we meet a woman who has a terrible curse, she cannot live more than 25 years because a mythological being used her in one of her past lives to heal herself and thus he cursed her. Currently they fall in love, will there be a way to uncurse her?

You need to watch 'Moonshine and Valentine' which has an interesting story.

2. The Chronicles of Town Called Jian

Year: 2018
Starring Victoria Song and Jiang Jinfu

This drama is about a very smart girl who even manages to solve some cases by reading tarot, sometime she returns to her hometown with one of her friends. Her friend's father actually wants her to marry her eldest son but she declines the offer and realizes that she does in fact have feelings for her friend.

The Chronicles of Town Called Jian | Twitter: @VictoriaSongBRA

Enjoy of Victoria's talent in 'The Chronicles of Town Called Jian'

3. Love Under The Full Moon

Year: 2019
Starring Victoria Song and Ou Hao

This series is about a couple that has been together since childhood practically, for their university years they will have to separate since one will be in Shanghai and the other in London, how will they survive this? Here we will see the difficulties of love.

You can watch 'Love Under The Full Moon' which has a unique story.

4. Find Yourself

Year: 2020
Starring Victoria Song and Song Weilong

This story takes us to see how a young worker falls in love with his co-worker who is older than him. After confessing his feelings for her and begging for some of her, they start a relationship, but must keep it a secret for at least three months due to their age differences. She will have someone to help her, but in reality she has another agenda in his plans.

Find Yourself | Twitter: @Yoonglesru

Follow the story of 'Find Yourself'

5. Love Yourself

Year: 2020
Starring Victoria Song and Celina Jade 

In this C-Drama we see a group of 4 friends who are almost like sisters, they are already in their 30's and they start to experience new difficulties in their lives even though they thought that everything was stable and controlled.

You need to watch the cute story of 'Love Yourself'.

6. Lover Or Stranger

Year: 2021
Starring Victoria Song and Oho Ou

In this drama we meet a woman who is a violinist but after an accident she loses her memory, now she has a boyfriend she doesn't know and is about to get married so she first wants to discover herself and remember what she was.

Lover Or Stranger | Twitter: @functionlove

'Lover Or Stranger' has a great story for you.

Keep watching more Chinese dramas, here we have some medical dramas you'll enjoy a lot.

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