apple pie kit kat

New Limited Edition apple pie Kit-Kat bars!

What's more American than apple pie? Nobody can resist a warm slice of old-fashioned apple pie, that's why Kit Kat makers have decided to add yet another flavor to their already long list.

  • Over the years there have been many limited edition Kit Kat bars and some have come to stay!
  • If you're on the fence about this new apple pie flavor, check out the video review below.

The apple pie Kit Kat comes covered in an apple pie flavored white chocolate with layers of pie spices. Sounds promising!

Japan also has an apple flavored Kit Kat called Shinshu Apple and it tastes like thinly sliced apples layered in between the cookie wafers.

Japanese apple flavor Kit Kat
US Limited Edition apple pie flavored Kit Kat during the month of July

Other interesting flavors are American classics cookies and cream, cookie dough and peanut butter.

Peanut butter flavored Kit Kat

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