Cooks send food to protestors in the front lines

Protests against police brutality, after George Floyd's death, continue in all the US. Demonstrators can find water to hydrate, face masks for COVID-19 protection, hand sanitizer and food!  

  • Many restaurants from across the country are giving out food, previously packaged, to protestors.
  • Sometimes people can forget to attend their needs when they are fired up by a cause like this one. Eating is one of those needs that can easily be overlooked by protestors. 

A lot of people can't attend demonstrations because they live with higher risk relatives who could contract COVID-19 so preparing food is their way to participate and support protestors. This is the case of a 23-year-old man in New York, who wanted to keep his identity a secret. He started preparing tacos. He posted on Instagram and in a week raised around $5000 in donations for groceries.

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