Beef steak

Check out the world's first 3D printed vegan beef steak

Lack of food sources is one of the main concerns for the following future. The Israeli-based startup Redefine Meat has found a solution that will leave a lot of people happy. A new type of meat called Alt-Steak. The vegans will love it because no animal is harmed. The steak fans, will also enjoy it because it has the texture and flavor of a normal piece of meat. How did they do it? Check the following video below.

By  Charles Lorenz
  • Alt-Steak is an alleged substitute for steak for vegetarians and vegans.
  • They created the steak with 3D printing technology.
  • The main ingredients are soy protein, coconut fat, sunflower oil and natural ingredients for flavor and color.

The main idea behind the invention is to have the same taste, texture and flavor of a normal beef steak without harming the animals, while also contributing to the climate change control.
Alt-Steak in a plate. Source: Redefine Meat Instagram
The CEO of the company, Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, a Hebrew University Alumni (Jerusalem), stated : "These steaks can really pass the test of what a fillet is".
The great news is that they can already print them at large scale for the food being available in supermarkets and restaurants. Another one? The steak has a lot of protein, but no cholesterol! They developed a new and specialized 3D printed solely for this purpose. 3D grilling, here we go!

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