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5 Alcohol brands owned by celebrities

Celebrities are conquering all territories from clothing brands, makeup lines, perfumes and yes, alcohol! Everything from vodka to gin and tequila!

  • You might have never heard of some brands, but others you've seen for sure. What you might not know is the celebrity behind the brand!
  • Some stars have created the brand themselves and others have bought already existing brands. Check out who has done what!
  1. Nick Jonas, owns Villa One, a tequila brand that is 100% from blue weber agave, matured for 5 to 7 years in Mexico. Jonas isn't the only star behind this brand, the singer partnered with fashion designer John Varvatos.
  2. Actress Kate Hudson wanted the alcohol industry to have more female presence, so she launched King St. Vodka which is distilled seven times, it's gluten-free, and it uses alkaline water.

  3. CÎROC is a popular brand of vodka, but did you know it's owned by a very famous musician? The star behind this brand is Puff Daddy. The singer-songwriter has been behind this brand since 2007.

   4. Actor Ryan Reynolds owns Aviation Gin since 2018. In 2007 during his stay in Vancouver that was all he ordered. He realized the drink was made with Aviation Gin, so 11 years later he decided to buy it!

CÎROC vodka
Aviation Gin is owned by Ryan Reynolds since 2018

    5. This whiskey brand's name might give away the celebrity behind it, it's called Heaven's Door, and yes, the owner and creator is no less than the talented musician Bob Dylan. Each bottle has the iron gates Dylan created in his studio.

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