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3 delicious ideas to do with your blender!

Blenders are a great kitchen tool when it comes to summer smoothies or even soups. They are easy to use, time saving and offer multiple possibilities.

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Whether you have the latest blender in the market or your mother passed on her old one, there are many simple recipes you can do with it.
  • May it be a professional blender or a hand blender they all work!
  • Check out the video below for some recipe ideas.


  1. Summer is a great season to make dips and salad dressings! From hummus to salsas.
  2. Gazpacho. You can go traditional and make it with tomatoes or try the almond or cauliflower versions.
  3. Cake fix solved! There are many cakes and loafs you can do in your blender. Don't limit yourself to the sweet version, try out some savory cakes as well!
Traditional tomato gazpacho soup

 Easy tomato gazpacho recipe:

Mix everything in the blender, let chill and ready to eat!

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