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Will Smith wants to launch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air again

After a fan posted a video of how the old series could be filmed in 2020, Will Smith will be the producer of the 2020 remake of the show that rose him to fame. Read more below!  

  • Morgan Cooper is the fan who made the famous YouTube video that was seen even on CBS television network.
  • After he uploaded to the Internet, the trailer received almost 5.5 million views.
  • Cooper will serve as co-writer and director of the new project.
Big names in the industry are going to take a part in this project like the original creators of the show Quincy Jones, Andy and Susan Borowitz. It is not clear yet whether he will appear in front of the camera in The Fresh Price reboot.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Source: Ebay

What is clear, is that the scenes will be updated to reflect situations like police brutality, racism and politics.

No official comments were made, but the fans and ourselves are eager to see how this marvelous entertainment piece will be!

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