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Why you need to listen to Kane Brown’s song, 'Be Like That'!

The country music singer, Kane, was born in Georgia. His mother is a European American, whereas his father is African-American. Kane recently collaborated with Rae Sremmurd rapper, ‘Swae Lee’ and R&B singer,‘Khalid’ for his trending track ‘Be Like That’. Read below to find out more about the trio!

  • The 26-year-old singer is married to the American singer, Katelyn Jae, and has a daughter named Kingsley Rose Brown.
  • He won the AMA award three times and will soon be launching his first-ever international headlining tour, The Kane Brown Worldwide Beautiful Tour.
  • Brown has an estimated networth of $6 million.
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Brown has previously worked with Khalid on a track ‘Saturday Nights’, but ‘Be Like That’ is his first song with Swae Lee. The incredible trio’s song is about the mixed feelings which people experience when they are romantically involved with each other.

Kane stated, "When it gets tough, you want to be on your own, but then you miss the person a second later". The song teaches us to take our relationship ebb and flow as a normal thing. We tend to quarrel a lot with the person we’re in love with. Sometimes we reach a point where we just want to put an end to everything, not realizing that we are being overwhelmed by our emotions. 

The lyrics of the song take a person down the memory lane, as it is something that everyone has gone through. The video is a wake-up call to all those who love their partners and need assurance that they will get through all the hardships together!   

Let us know how you feel about the song!

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