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Why was Justin Bieber watching Selena Gomez’s cooking show?

The Canadian pop star is known for his good looks and pop songs. Bieber and Selena Gomez had a long history together. He was caught watching Selena’s show on his Instagram story by a fan. Is he still not over the famous singer? Read more to find out below!  

By  Estefanía Martínez

•    Bieber is a 26-year-old singer with a net worth of $265 million. 
•    His first song ‘One Time’ was released in 2009, and reached number 12 on the Canadian Top 100. 
•    Justin has won several awards like the MTV Europe Music Award for ‘Best Song’.

Justin Bieber and Ex, Selena Gomez. Source: Getty Images

Bieber and Gomez ended their seven-year relationship in 2018. 

He showed his TV screen to share a glimpse of HBO Max on his latest Instagram story. Selena’s new cooking show was seen in the corner of his watch list. Their admirers are still wondering whether it was Justin or Hailey who was browsing the app

The popstar got married to Hailey Baldwin, a 23-year-old American model. Their marriage ceremony took place in New York in 2018. They have been together for two years now. The couple’s baby plans are on hold currently.

Watch this video below to find out more about Justin suspicious activity!

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