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Why is United States the leader on entertainment?

In America, we love a great a show. And we are good at it. From Superbowl Halftime  to the MTV Video Music Awards and even tailgating, we know how to throw a good party. Is it in our ADN ? Or why exactly are we so good at it? Read the reasons below.

  • Mixed population and religions make America a country with different celebrations.
  • Long working hours in general impulse the leisure at its maximum potential.
  • Amazing talents from around the world come to the USA to exploit their talent on event organizing and entertaining.
  • Countries from around the world copy the way shows and tours are organized in the States, specially concerning sports. 

After the VMAs, spectators were surprised. With extreme health measures due to COVID-19, the New York event wasn't cancelled, and they managed to throw an incredible show with the help of technology and amazing performers like BTS, Maluma, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Keke Palmer and Lady Gaga.

Fans were in cars that looked from the movie Fast and Furious. Organizers outperformed. That is in our DNA. Even before a football game, tailgates could be more fun and impressive than the game itself. 

Tailgate might be even better than the game!

The mix of cultures that bring their own flair and celebration style throughout the years, the American way of life from “work hard, party hard” and the incredible Universities that form the best professionals are the main reasons for success.

The fact that the NBA decided to spend over 150 million dollars in the Orlando Bubble in Disney World and built stadiums, barber shops, fitness centers and press areas are just a taste of what can be done. 

We might not be the greatest country in other aspects, but almost everyone can agree that in the USA, we surely know how to celebrate. 

Bruno Wahrmann Lockhart

Experto en Medios Digitales. Fanático de los autos, y cualquier vehículo que se mueva. Alumni Universidad de San Diego+ info

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