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Why is 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' season 8 being delayed?

The outstanding American comedy series has been a popular one from the beginning. This year the cast announced that another season of the show is on its way. The news was very exciting for the fans. But, why is the series getting delayed? Read below to find out!

• There are nine main cast members: Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Charles Boyle, Terry Jeffords, Gina Linetti, Raymond Holt, Hitchcock and Scully.
• Amongst all the eccentric detectives, Andy Samberg playing ‘Jake Peralta’ earns $125,000 per episode. His estimated net worth is $20 million.
• Brooklyn nine-nine has won a Golden Globe Award for ‘Best Television Series’.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast. Source: Redbubble

The show follows a group of detectives headed by the newly appointed Captain Raymond Holt.

It is well-praised for its representation of serious issues while in the network’s comedy lineup, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always been everyone’s favorite TV show

Season 8 won’t be released until the midseason. The reason for its delay is that it was moved from channel ‘Fox’ to ‘NBC’ at the beginning of season 6.

This announcement was made after the arrival of the NBC’s fall schedule. Will fans be able to wait another year?

Watch the funniest scene right below!

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