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Why actress Megan Fox deserves an apology from her fans

Upon the release of Fox's new film, Rogue, on August 28th, the actress has been reflecting on her past acting roles and how she was treated in the industry. Check out the video for more.

  • Earlier this year an interview of Fox on Jimmy Kimmel resurfaced and made people re-evaluate how she was treated during Michael Bay's film Bad Boys II.
  • Four years later the actress starred in Transformers franchise from which she was reportedly fired after she publicly compared Michael Bay's directing style to Hitler.
  • Now fans are coming to her defense.

As far as the support Megan Fox is receiving nowadays the actress said 'At the time, I would have appreciated some support; I was just stranded in open water on my own for so long.' Fox said that she built up a lot of strength and resilience. She revealed that having to overcome negative things without any support made her a better person, and she doesn't regret any of it.

'But I appreciate the reversal of it. The culture is changing and society is changing, and a movie like [Rogue] now has a place to shine and be appreciated,' she said talking about her new film set to be released on Friday 8/28.

Megan Fox in Transformers

The only regret Fox has is having let herself get sucked into something she knew wasn't true. Fox came to this realization in South Africa while she was shooting her latest film Rogue and on TV one of her films was airing. The actress watched it again and realized her acting wasn't as bad as it was described at the time. 'When you tell someone that they’re not good at something or that they’re deficient, they can absorb that and it can become their reality, and create a life that reflects that negative s**t that you spoke about them!' she reflected.

The actress advised young women who are getting into the industry by saying "You cannot be on social media all the time, checking your likes and your comments. You have to trust in what you’re doing, and in your purpose, and move forward."

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