Brad Pitt, Roland Mary, the husband of Brad Pitt's girlfriend and Nicole Poturalski

Who is Roland Mary, the husband of Brad Pitt's girlfriend?

Brad Pitt's girlfriend's husband' is surely a wordy sentence and a complex subject to start a phrase. German restaurateur Roland Mary is somewhat related to Brad's new affair, Internet is on fire and there's a lot to say about who he is. And we at Yaay, are already experts on him. It almost feels like a close friendship. He is super private, but we still managed to get information from him. He is rich, has several kids and impressively is close friends with the Academy Award Winner actor. His restaurant "Borchardt" is one of the most famous in Europe. Want to know more? Watch the video below!

  • Roland Mary is a 68-year-old businessman with a net worth of $10 million
  • He owns a celebrity restaurant called Borchardt in Berlin, the capital of Germany.
  • The 5" 10' tall entrepreneur is married to Nicole Poturalski, who is currently dating Brad Pitt and have a 7-year-old son together.
  • Berlin is one of the most open-minded cities in the world, people from every social tribe and nationality live there, and apparently, open relationships are trending!


After it was confirmed that Brad Pitt was dating the 27-year-old model, Nicole Poturalski, everybody went nuts. They were spotted together in public in a couple of occasions like the music concert of Kanye and spending holidays in France (in the house Brad owns with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie!).

Nicole Poturalski and Roland Mary

After doing some research, it came to our attention that the model is married is actually legally married to Roland Mary.

We are living in 2020 people. Stuff is getting weird, and some for good. Like this one. Brad is going out with a girl that is married. And nobody cares.

"Potu" looking fabulous in the European summer

He doesn't care, Roland Mary doesn't care, and sure she is having fun with a superstar and a businessman next to her. Talk about life experiences!

Brad Pitt and Roland Mary, the two loves from the German supermodel

Living in a more tolerable world, where women and men get the freedom to choose who they are with and at the time they want, it's incredible and has never happened before! Cheers for that! Now, learn more about the man!

According to sources, Roland said that he is very much aware of his wife's affair.

1) They have an open marriage and everything is clear between them. The entrepreneur is a very philosophical and deep person who doesn't have room in his life for negative feelings like jealousy.

The love-triangle!

2) Roland Mary is met Nicole Poturalski when she moved to Berlin with the dream of becoming a model. Poturalski and Roland have a 7-year-old son.

Borchardt, the celebrity restaurant

3) 'Borchardt' is the name of the restaurant the entrepreneur has near a luxury Regent hotel. It's like the TAO of California, but in Europe. All the Hollywood actors go there after the Berlinale Film Festival.

Roland even sells Brad Pitt's new Champagne in his restaurant!

What do you think about Brad's new affair? Fans have their own opinion apparently.

Several said it's awesome, and they are happy that Brad found a new love.

Others think it's outrageous due to the age difference and the marital status of her. The thing is, in love, there are no rules and you have to be in the relationship in order to know exactly how it feels right?

Let the love spread across the world!  We are just glad that the world is a more open-minded space where people from every race, religion, and love taste can express it however they feel like it and enjoy life to the fullest! Don't you guys also get the feeling that most people would love to be in any of this trio position? 

The dynamic trio. Source: Getty

Brad: Multi-millionaire, dates supermodels. Not bad, right?

Nicole: Has a relationship with two older gorgeous men, and one is the desire of millions around the world. The other, well, can cook.

Roland: His amazing wife looks great, amazing mom to one of his kids. Also, his restaurant Borchardt is busier than ever despite the pandemic. 

In conclusion, it's good to have good friends and healthy love relationships! What do you think? Leave your comments below!


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