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Where are they now? Richard Anderson, the 1980 MacGyver actor

Have you heard the saying "What would MacGyver do?" His famous acting role defined a whole generation. Now, with 70 years old he is more alive than ever and retired from acting. Check out what he's been up to next!

  • His net worth is $20 million dollars.
  • Anderson is also known for movies like "Doomsday", "Past the Bleachers" and "Stargate: Continuum".
  • The 6ft tall star is single and has a daughter called Wylie Quinn Annarose (what a name, right?).
  • Recently, he rejected an invitation to participate on a new MacGyver project

Richard was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and his dream was to be a professional hockey player. After an accident where he broke both of his arms, his destiny changed. He moved to Los Angeles pursuing the typical California dream of being a musician while working as a bartender in a medieval-theme restaurant.

Musician old days

There, he had to develop some acting skills that took him to a casting of the famous series "Hospital General" where he played Dr. Jeff Webber for 5 years until 1981.

 He got later introduced to a new series project where he would play a hero that wouldn't win over the bad guys with violence, but with science. And it was a success. From 1985 to 1992 was one of the most seen series of CBS network. After that, he decided to take some time to be with his family until 1997 where he appeared on Stargate SG-1.

He later accepted some cameo roles or invitations to use his voice for video games. He doesn't have social media and one fan created a fake profile that was tremendously successful. His latest updates can be seen on his website, where he shares updates from his health or opinions about the latest remakes of MacGyver.

Relaxing in California, Richard is still in everybody’s minds when somebody needs to solve a problem and has very limited resources to do it! 

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