What’s going on with Maya from Selling Sunset?

The Netflix real estate reality show star fears for her continuity on the show and had some hard words for the producers in an interview with Screen Rant when asked about the new season of the show. Scroll down to find out more.

  • • On season one we found out Maya Vander was expecting her first child, Aidan.
    • She is one of the Oppenheim Group's bestsellers, if not the best.
    • The realtor got very mad when she got most of her scenes cut off on the third season of the show.

"For me to relocate just to be in the background at the office, I'm not going to do that." The successful real estate seller lives now full time in Florida with her man and two kids, and she is not willing to move back to L.A. just for a couple of scenes.

Maya Vander and her children

"That's what happens when you don't provide them any juice" she complained about her air time being shorter than seasons one and two.
What happened with this independent woman? Looks like she is not dramatic enough for the show, as her focus is on her career and her family. What's interesting about it, right? There were talks that she might leave the show!

Maybe the fact that Maya a great example of a real woman's life, struggling every day with the kids and her job, just like many of us. Do you think this feminist icon should disappear from the series?

She also complained a lot about the privilege of Mary Fitzgerald, specially by Jason Oppenheim, who is their boss and Mary's ex boyfriend!

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