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What you really need to know about the Emmy Awards 2020

At this point we are 99% certain that you know what the Emmys are. The biggest awards for United States television are being held on a healthy and social distance safe environment for their 72nd edition as they are going to be held virtually. From a record of diversity, to Netflix being the King of Streaming, there is a lot to be seen! What else do you need to know? Read more below! 

  • The initial idea of the producers was to throw the big party at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. 
  • Like almost every year, they will be live on ABC via TV, YouTube or Hulu.
  • TV host Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting for the 3rd time in his life, after getting the job in 2012 and 2016. 
  • As there is no public, the laughs and sound effects of the crowd will be made entirely with a computer. 

As we enter a new world, not only due to the digitalization of the industry and only streaming, 2020 has a lot to offer and open our minds.

From social distancing to respecting the intimate scenes and having coordinators that make sure the female actresses feel comfortable performing, TV has changed. And for good.

Some years ago, critics were saying there won't be any shows, but the crowds want to be entertained. At the hour and time that they want.  And for the producers, with every person having a cellphone, means they can reach way many more people than before.

The Emmys will be given via Facetime!

This particular Emmys are going to be incredible in their own way, as they make history of being a total virtual show. Everybody is going to be there, given that they don't need to travel and can work from their homes!

Names like Michael Douglas, Jennifer Aniston, Issa Rae, Hugh Jackman and Daniel Levy are only a couple of the names to be taken into consideration.

We are excitid to be living in a world with so much innovation and being able to assist and watch from all over the world. And if we get sleepy, we can always watch the bloopers later on YouTube. 

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