Jimmy Kimmel holding Grammy Award Jimmy Kimmel holding Grammy Award

What to expect from Jimmy Kimmel as the host of the Emmys

After being the king of ceremony on 2012 and 2016, the TV host of the late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! will be doing a "weird" presentation without public, but he still has a lot of magic to offer. Read below to see what he will be performing!

  • Jimmy has a net worth of $45 million.
  • He is 52 years old and has a wife called Molly McNearney.
  • Planned the ceremony with over 2 months of anticipation.
  • His words about the virtual ceremony "without public its a completely different ball game". 

Most of us know Jimmy from his incredible show, bringing hosts, making them talk and tell us their deepest secrets as well as creating challenges and sketches that we can laugh about forever.

Like every comedian, measuring if a joke is good or not depends on the "applause-meter", meaning that if they laugh hard, is good.

Jimmy Kimmel desinfecting the statue. Source: Getty

Now, he will be having just a great confidence and needs way more preparation because the improvisation is scarce. He also commented that actor Matt Damon won't be allowed into the building, in relation to his last appearance on the ceremony:

The host also joked about appearing without any clothing, because nobody is going to see him from his waist up (how many times those epic bloopers have happened this year in Zoom meetings right?).

Without the after party they will probably give an elbow "high one" when the ceremony ends and everybody will go sober to their homes and sleep early. At least, there will be no hangover on Monday! 

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