Demi Lovato.

What or who is behind Demi Lovato's split up from Max Erich?

It's been very hard to find out that the singer Demi Lovato called it quits with her fiancé actor Max Erich. What happened between them? We have a theory about it. Keep reading to discover it.

  • Demetria Devonne Lovato was born 28 years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the U.S.
  • Max Ehrich was born on June 24th of 1991 in New Jersey, United States.
  • The famous singer and the actor started dating in March 2020 and decided to spend the lockdown together.

The two famous young celebrities dated for six months and were engaged for two in 2020.

Everything was wonderful until suddenly the magic was over.

From his posts, everything suggests that the one who decided to end the relationship was Disney Channel's star.

But why? Although a source close to the former couple indicated their professional careers as the break up reason, we suspect that this was not the real issue.

Screenshots abour Selena Gomez.

Our theory is that it all started about two weeks ago when screenshots from the actor's Twitter account of The Fast and the Restless were revealed.

In these captures Max spoke of Selena Gomez as the love of his life.

How do you think this made Demi feel like? He'd stated that he has always been in love with Lovato.

Now she finds out that Selena was also in his heart

Demi Lovato's statements about Max Ehrich's screenshots regarding Selena Gomez

The Tell me you Love me singer must have felt ripped off.

She posted several times how comfortable she felt with the High School Musical 3 actor, probably because knowing that he had always wanted to be with her made her feel confident.

After learning that she was a second-table dish, things must have changed a lot between them.

So much,that she actually decided to break up with him despite loving Erich.

Again, that this is our theory. Maybe there are chances that they will get back together. We'll see

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