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What is OnlyFans, platform where Bella Thorne made millions

After joining the platform, the Internet celebrity, singer and model made 2 million dollars in a week. But what exactly is OnlyFans and why millions of social media celebrities are making big bucks on it. Watch the explanation video below!

By  Estefanía Martínez
  • Musicians, entertainers and exotic dancers are among the rising stars in the platform.
  • They have a subscription business model as well as paying for exclusive and uncensored content.
  • Bella told she will use her earnings for growing her production company and donating it to charity.

How did this company gain success? They developed "soft" content but that is still "risky", called "Not suitable for work" (NSFW). The legal name of the company is called Fenix International Limited, and they are based in London, England. Over 24 million users are paying to see the contents offered.

How does it work? Say you want to see the exclusive video Bella Thorne posted showing her bikini figure...without the bikini. You pay 100 dollars (example) and you will see the uncensored photos and videos for a year.

Bella Thorne offers exclusive content

From those 100, the company keeps 20% and gives to the entertainer the rest. In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, their CEO Tim Stokely said that they have almost 200.000 new daily users and almost 8000 new creators. American model Kaylen Ward rose to fame after raising more than 1 million dollars for the big Australian fires from 2020.

Thousands of workers can earn thousands of dollars from the safety and commodity of their homes, and at the same time contribute to climate change and charity. Not bad right?

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