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We tried the Chris Hemsworth workout routine and it´s crazy!

After watching his Netflix action movie "Extraction" where the Australian actor takes out over hundreds of soldiers by himself, the Yaay redaction decided it was time to "be" like him and tried his workout routine. Check the results below!

  • The 6ft 3 and 220lb Australian actor has a workout app called Centr.
  • He adapts his personal training for movies like Thor, The Avengers and Men In Black to the everyday citizen.
  • We decided to try a 4-week training to see what happens.

I happen to have a couple of differences with this Hollywood star (I am as tall as him, but I weight 190lb) and I am an avid sportsman. Oh, did I tell you that he has a net worth of $131 million? Well you can guess I'm a little far a way from that. My initial thoughts: working out like him wouldn't be that challenging. I can assure you it is and you will be surprised.
Holding the grip like the movie Thor.

Here is basically what happened in the 4 weeks:


First week: Ended up totally exhausted, my body hurt, I couldn't walk properly. Had to go to a masseur.

Second week: Started enduring more "pain" and manage to distribute my energy for the high intensity interval method that last 25 minutes.

Chris Hemsworth. Source: Men´s Health

Third week: My body understands what's coming to him and I'm reaching almost every series without "stealing" any repetition.

Four week: I start it with lots of energy, feel awesome and that fat from sitting and writing on my computer (famous lifeboats) is visibly gone. I WANT to go and train and feel motivated. My core is stronger and I can feel I have more energy.

Me (Bruno Wahrmann) during the 4-week training

Conclusion: I did it with a personal trainer that helped me to reach the series, otherwise you need to have a lot of discipline. Doesn't take a lot of time (1 hour per day) and if you don't follow a healthy diet, it's impossible to have the energy to complete it. I feel strange that after watching a Netflix movie in my couch while eating pizza I could motivate myself to do this. I guess, thank you, Chris!

P.S. When I finished writing this short post, I came across a video where a guy did the actor’s training routine for his 6 and I will share it with you:


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