Watch this couple's double proposal that will melt your heart! Watch this couple's double proposal that will melt your heart!

Watch this couple's double proposal that will melt your heart!

This Brazilian couple made a double proposal that became a trending topic on social media. It is said that there are more chances of this happening between couples of the same gender. Scroll down to find out if and why?

  • In 2015 the availability of legally-recognized marriage between same-gender couples extended from one state 11 years before, to 55 in the United States. 
  • Nearly 1 million U.S. households are composed of same-gender couples. 58% of them are married and 42% aren't.
  • The Danish were the first to recognize these unions as legit while the USA ranks 17th.


These guys from Brazil shared their tender declaration of love online and also in front of those who were in the place.

The funny thing about the short video is that while one knelt to ask the other for marriage, his partner must have thought Oh my God, I can't believe he got ahead of me!

Those who were there looked at the scene with amazement and tenderness.

It's great that this kind of thing is something nice and flattered by everyone on social media.

After many years of struggle by the LGBTIQ + collective to be accepted by society.

Ellen De Generes and Portia are an iconic couple. They got married in 2010

There is still a long way to go for equal marriage to be recognized in all countries as legitimate.

We are certainly on the right track. What is being said is that double proposals occur mostly between same-gender couples could be true.

Surely because they do not have stereotypes, for them both members of the couple are the same.

However, we have seen other marriage proposals at the same time in straight couples.

Hopefully, the day will come when the roles imposed by society end once and for all, and the girls are more encouraged to ask their boys for marriage.

 Love is in the air guys let's keep it this way!

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