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Was it easier being a celebrity before social media?

Could you imagine how many followers would Michel Jackson had? Or John Lennon? And Marilyn Monroe? The truth is, that social media helped boosting many careers and people who couldn’t have made it in the past. But for many of them, Internet can be damaging. Read more below!

  • With development of technology more people have access to media, that reflects in the amount of fans.
  • Stars can have fans all over the world and not only in their homelands.
  • Private life for the stars is difficult and could be dangerous.
  • The biggest Hollywood stars like Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe and even musicians like Elvis were eventually worldwide famous despite the lack of Internet.
One of the most famous of Monroe. Source: Alamy

Celebrities were almost seen as gods, who were heard or seen in magazines but never live. With the development of technology, travel distances shortened and social media, it's easier for the fans to go and see their stars and also get to know the private life.

As once told by Guillermo Coppola, the manager of soccer star Diego Maradonaif there were cellphones in our time, Diego would have been in jail many times”.

Stars could travel discreetly, and have fun the way they liked it. Nowadays, celebrities are always in the spotlight.

Kim Kardashian surrounded by paparazzi. Source: Huffington Post

Conclusion? Despite having more competition, social media can boost a star and Internet can help them make a revenue business model without making a lot of expenses like traveling. Stars just need a camera and content, or even a home-made music studio. That could be also be a curse, because their private lives aren’t private anymore, and they cannot go anywhere without being noticed.

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