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Walt Disney World reopens after the pandemic

Walt Disney World resort reopened 2 of the 4 parks this saturday July 11th after four months of lockdown. While the parks look a lot different under the new health measures many are still skeptic about the move. Scroll down to see waht the parks will look like under the "new normal".

  • Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom both reopened on July 11th with thousands of people anxiously waiting to go in.
  • Amid the new Florida surge in COVID-19 infections many believe the parks shouldn't have reopened.

 The new parks have a few changes:

  1. Capacity. The parks will allow less than half of their regular capacity.
  2. Temperature check before taking the transportation that leaves people at the park's entry.
  3. Bag check has minimized compared to what it was before to guarantee fluidity.
  4. There are sanitizing stations at each ride and throughout the park, however, it's not mandatory like at Universal Orlando.
  5. Masks are definitely a must, except at the Relaxation Sations that are regulated with social distancing rules.
  6. Performances are scarce and unscheduled. The number of floats has also been reduced.
  7. Waiting time in lines are less. On a busy day and on a popular ride the maximun waiting time could reach half an hour.
The new normal at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Josh D'Amaro, the chairman of Disney Park, Experiences and Products posted on Instagram the day they reopened:

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