Video: TikTok trending Basketball Beer challenge goes wrong

2020 has been a year for staying at home, learning online, working home-office style and...doing TikTok challenges. The Chinese social media has a new challenge, and we show you in the following video what could go wrong if you try this at home (please don't). Check it out!

  • A lot of American politicians are worried that Chinese government asks this company to cooperate with secret services from the Chinese Communist Party
  • The Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are investigating possible crimes committed against children’s privacy.
  • Despite the intention of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to ban the app from the United States, users are still posting crazy videos.

This might be the reason for the success of the TikTok app. People imitating trends and posting them online. What do the viewers get? Dance and funny challenges videos like this one. The idea is to throw a beer can or bottle with a basketball and after the bounce, drink it.

Of course, not many came as perfectly as expected and in the video you can see some funny fails.
Will be TikTok keep entertaining the Internet for much longer? We don't know. But for now, let’s enjoy its magic.

Bruno Wahrmann Lockhart

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