Vanessa and Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant Celebrates Kobe’s postmortem Accomplishment

The late NBA athlete, Kobe Bryant passed away in January 2020 after his helicopter crashed, taking him and other people onboard. Even in death. He is still making headlines, read about it below.

  • The late NBA super star had books released and are #1 bestsellers. 
  • Kobe still lives in Vanessa’s soul, and she honors his former husband in different ways.
  • Bryant was a professional basketball player and the youngest athlete to ever enter the NBA at the tender age of 18.
  • Played 20 seasons and made his career with Los Angeles Lakers until he retired on April 13th 2016.

The basket ball superstar had many other projects to come, he had written books “The Mamba Mentality: How I Play”, "Training Camp”, “The Legacy And The Queen” and “Epoca: The Tree of Ecrof”.

Although he was a man of many talents, he was also an excellent writer. It is a very bittersweet that the newest book had been release after Bryant’s horrific death. The author that had worked with Kobe stated that he was “grateful to see the words live on”.

Vanessa Bryant, wanted to thank fans, family and friends for supporting her husbands legacy.

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